River & Coastal Schemes

River & Coastal Schemes

Hall Construction Services Limited has built up a long lasting reputation in the North East for working with Local Authorities and the Local Ports from undertaking and working on river and coastal schemes. This reputation has been achieved from having a team of experienced personnel working within and close to rivers, beaches and within the ports especially when dealing with the effect of coastal waves and tidal action to scour protection especially in flowing water courses and rivers. With many years of experience working within this environment Hall Construction Services Limited are able to draw on their specialist expertise to get any relative job done.

Hall Construction Services Limited are competent in the challenging environments and work tirelessly to provide environmental and economical solutions including the provision of the company’s specialist plant adapted for this type of work.

Scheme experience in the river and coastal environment includes:

  • Flood alleviation and river works
  • Coastal defences and river flood protection
  • Culverts and outfalls
  • Beach / dune profiling
  • New lagoons, basins and pond construction
  • River channel realignment / fish pass construction
  • Scour and erosion protection works
  • Batter stabilisation and landslips adjacent to watercourses and rivers
  • Riverbank stabilisation and protection
  • New Bridges and repairs including pier repair/ protection
  • Repairs to port structures including jetties and slipways