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Temple Green


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    Aire Valley Land LLP
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Hall Construction Services Limited were appointed Principal Contractor following funding becoming available with the client. The outlined scheme stated the creation of 1.2km of new dual carriageway road infrastructure and a bridge over Wyke Beck which would lead to Phase 3 & 4.The whole site is to accommodate Leeds City Councils 1000 space park and ride facility, 10 acres of car dealerships and a petrol station. The remaining areas will accommodate 1,450,000sq.ft of industrial, storage and distribution space.

HSCL undertook the remediation of the development platform; cutting, filling and processing across the whole site to a depth of 3m and then compacted the area to achieve CBR values.

Halls supplied and laid 1500 diameter concrete surface water and storage pipes for attenuation at various depths across the site as well as various diameter concrete and clay pipes for foul water sewerage including spurs for the future development buildings. They constructed a pumping station using a precast concrete storage facility, Industrial Estate carriageways with access roads leading off the main spine carriageway, introduced new street lighting with associated ducts including a new electric feeder pillar and a temporary bridge was installed to enable plant access to phase 2 of the site.

The construction of a permanent bridge with reinforced concrete abutments was carried out further downstream. The bridge deck was made from precast concrete slab units. Large river scour areas were created either side of the bridge using large pieces of rock armour and geotextile matting.

Halls also headed the planning and sequencing of the new public utility infrastructure through all the footpaths and verges and landscaped the entire site following completion.