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Hartlepool Headland Coastal Protection Scheme


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    Hartlepool Borough Council
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n April 2015 Hall Construction Services Limited began work for Hartlepool Borough Council on a 5 year coastal protection development plan at Hartlepool Headland.

The site has seen a massive overhaul of works in order to preserve the coastline from erosion from the harsh sea conditions coming inland from the North Sea; Making the demand for a new sea wall high due to the crumbling nature of what was present before works began.

In first instance operatives excavated and installed rock armour that weighs between 8 and 13 tonnes each, with the approximate overall tonnage being 27,000 at the base of the seawall to help break the waves hitting the surface. The installation of the pre-cast concrete sea defence wall which is worth £2 million began shortly after the majority of the rock armour was in place.

In order to place the rock armour excavators and dumpers created slip roads down to the area in which the rock armour was to be placed, taking into account tide-times so not to get machines stranded whilst the tide was coming back in to shore. These were carefully executed plans which have to be adapted to between March and September inclusively.

It is known that the sea can be extremely dangerous and cause a lot of damage, during the time the pre-cast concrete slabs were being attached to the original surface and being backfilled there were powerful high tides one evening which blasted a hole through the front of the original wall casing showing just how important this new sea defence scheme is. The hole was visible from the road surface above and from sea level, once back on site it was made safe as soon as possible and work continued to help prevent anything like that occurring again.

High tides and a storm surge hit the UK again in January 2017, during the second year of the Coastal Protection Scheme and following the damage previously done it was great to see that the new pre-cast concrete slabs are already doing their job and the new sea wall survived unhinged.

Prior to and Following the continued success of the Hartlepool Headland Coastal Protection Scheme HCSL have been awarded various other contracts to help the North East battle coastal erosion to help protect our slowly diminishing but beautiful coastline.